Be Like Peter. Project (2014)

In 2014, I did a project where I would reach out to various Chicago – based entrepreneurs and founders and ask them to have coffee with me and tell me about their story, philosophies, and current projects or businesses.  What I learned (which is never what you set out to learn):

  • Domain registration and web hosting services
  • Some basic HTML and CSS and Word Press
  • People are more willing to share their ideas with you than you would think
  • It’s OK to do something ‘just because’. Not everything is more complicated than that.

I’ve migrated it off of and saved it in archive here.


Be Like Peter. is about sharing stories and talents within the start-up, founder and creative community so we can benefit from and help each other grow. It was initially born out of the need for some corporate detox and for exploring a community grounded in collaboration versus hierarchies.

The idea and inspiration for Be Like Peter. came after an early interview. Peter is a character from the NBC Heroes television show who has the power to mimic and absorb the super powers of those around him. If he surrounds himself by the right people and talents, he is essentially unstoppable.

Let’s help each other be unstoppable.

Interested in sharing a story or contributing artwork?  You can reach me in at least 4 different ways, thanks to technology.



Can’t wait to hear your story. Thanks for stopping by!

Be Like Peter. Ambassadors are creators, founders and artists within the community who are willing to have coffee with a stranger, share their stories and share their talents. They inspire and motivate others to Be Like Peter.

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