Pregnancy and Postpartum Prep Overview (2022)

There were a lot of things that were both easier and harder about preparing to have a baby than I expected. One of the things that continuously frustrated me was that even though SO many people are having babies ALL the time around you, that when it is your turn, even at my age, it is really hard to figure out what you need to do in an efficient manner. The answer to everything is “it depends”, and everyone thinks you should or should not be focusing on something.

So, now that this part of the journey is behind me, here is what I would recommend to a friend and for myself.

About me, as it relates to preparing (or in some cases not preparing) for a baby. If you don’t relate to any of this, this information is likely not that helpful to you.

  • First time parent
  • Healthy and very active during pregnancy
  • Plan to return to work full time after maternity leave
  • Partner took substantial time off from work in the first 8 weeks
  • Secured delivery and night doula services to support
  • Did not have parents or family to come help after the baby
  • Not good with consumer product or deal research or DIY crafts
  • Delivered a healthy full term baby – spontaneously, vaginally
  • Hybrid between breast feeding and pumping bottles. Started switching back/forth around week 2-3.